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The product itself remains simple. The way we think about it has changed the view of others.

Edaqua takes the pure essence of nature and brings it to the door of your own house directly from the source. Our Natural Mineral Water is ideal for daily consume and thanks to its low concentration of minerals, is highly recommended for all ages. The small details make the difference.

Quality and Comfort

Your life a bit easier

At Edaqua, we believe that quality and comfort no necessary need to have an impact on the family economy. By offering a great service along with a quality product, we are making people's lives easier and healthier.

Living Water

Know our products

Talking about purity of the most essential element for life, is to be talking about Edaqua. This statement comes from the result of the many analytical tests conducted on our products and the fact that our consumers will benefit from.

Make a Difference

Small are the details

Several reports show that people do not care about the quality of water they drink. We want to make you aware the importance of drinking healthy water to improve your lifestyle. How does the water keep us healthy?

Alternative Path

Explore new routes

Edaqua offers an alternative kind of business development. Our products are sold and distributed by many of our own consumers. Who better than our consumers to recommend our products?

How can Edaqua help you?


Our product

Essential Consumption

Let us offer you and your family a healthy and quality natural mineral water.

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Our service

Strict and serious

We have a sophisticated distribution network for our products, with over 25 years in the industry.

Edaqua services
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Our proposal

Industrial business

Being happy with our products and services can lead customers to recommend us. Edaqua will pay for that!

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Why Edaqua ?

Here at Edaqua we want to explain the reasons to take this excellent opportunity for your future.