Special Product

What do we mean by a SPECIAL product?

As we know, the fundamental basis of the Edaqua project is our product.

The product is definitely one of the main variables when choosing a company to work with. Any professional in the industry knows that the product is what makes the commissions over time, as companies move in a network of affiliates that does not generate residual income without volume of product. Put it another way, if the company does not generate revenue, can not pay their distributors.

Therefore, Edaqua have analyzed the main features that a good product for this industry should have and after a thorough and comprehensive market study we have found that an ideal product for direct sale, was a product "SPECIAL".


A multilevel product must be affordable for all budgets. If the product is competitive in price with respect to others on the market, it will considerably increase the chances of success. On the other hand, it is advisable that you can give these products to customers or distributors to try it out, a product of €10 is to costly to be given as sample, but if it costs less than €1 you can afford to give away lots of product.

Edaqua is an economical product for every budget and fully competitive with other quality mineral waters, with the added value that home deliveries it's included on our prices.


For a product to fit in a Multilevel market. it is very important to be a social product, since the multilevel nature is a social business. A product is social when it is shared without any problems with friends, colleagues, family ... and most important, it does not create rejection in people. It is social when it is a product very easy to explain and thus does not required to be product expert to explain it.

Water is without any doubt one of the most social elements on earth.


This feature is not essential for multilevel product, by having it you can be sure that the product or service will be very marketable. If the product or service meets this variable automatically meets almost all variables of interest when choosing an MLM product. It is essential that a product is wanted by the consumer, the customer believes in attraction when explaining the product with the company. If a product is not wanted by the consumer, it will not be consumed.

Water is the most essential product for life therefore we believe that our product can be classified as primordial.


It is difficult for people to start consuming a new product that they do not know. It is much easier to replace a product or service, with one of similar characteristics, so that you do not need to inculcate new habits to the consumer . Therefore, if a product is equivalent, only need to replace with one that's probably best.

Water is the most consumed product in the world and therefore, by recommending it to someone you are not creating a new habit to you clients.

Calidad (Quality):

In terms of quality, is fundamental and basic that a product or service meets a minimum quality assurance to ensure that the product can be consumed without any risk. This does not mean that the product is miraculous, but it is a product that when consumed regularly do not create any health risk, but the opposite, that a regular consume it is recommended for your health, as the re-consumption is vital in a multilevel product.

Drinking Edaqua mineral water means having one of the best water that nature provides us. The basic point Edaqua project it is focuses on the quality of their products.


In the network marketing industry is very important that the company take initiative with the products and step forward to what will happen in the future. This will make sure you have a valid product for years to come.

Water is the product of the future. The trend is that more and more people consume mineral water.


A product that creates interest from the first moment to the customer or distributor, is a very positive indication that the product is easy to market. For a product to generate the necessary interest that make consumers purchase it, must be a desirable product. A product that can advise and recommended.

Edaqua water is very desirable because of its quality, its social connotation, its re-unlimited consumption and ultimately, to be essential in human lives.


Although this feature has been left to the end, is certainly the most important for a successful multi-level product: a product is re-consumable when it is a product that can be consumed several times a day. Residual income comes from sales of network, therefore, if customers and distributors on the network are consuming regularly the product consequently generate more commissions for the distributor.

Regarding the water, we just want to say that is the most consumed product in the world, it is a product for which health authorities set a recommended minimum consumption of 1.5 litres per day.

The Edaqua product complies with all the features to make it a very saleable product in the direct selling industry. This is why our product is the key point in our project.