Our Values

The distinctive feature of the company is the passion for a job well done and the quality of the products that we supply directly from source into the final consumer's home. We have an extensive sales and distribution network, under strict and rigorous standards in order to offer our customers the best service.

Here at Edaqua we are characterized by the application of a set of principles and ethical values ​​that reverse into a fundamental one: the commitment to customer satisfaction which is the main focus of the company.

In Edaqua we have developed a business-minded project for sustainability aligned with the environment. Edaqua Ethics Code establishes non-negotiable minimum standards that must be assumed and respected for all suppliers, their employees, agents and all subcontractors, when carrying out their commercial activities and actions. Corporate Business Principles encourage responsible practices throughout our supply chain and the Code of Ethics helps to fulfil these commitments.

We believe that our team is the most valuable asset of the company, the main source of competitiveness and the key for success. Therefore maintain a long-term relationship with employees, as well all contributors and agents, devoting the significant resources to provide training tools and personal and professional development, actively promoting reconciliation of private and professional life, cultural diversity and gender equality as drivers of competitiveness.

In this way we will get loyalty from consumers, customers and employees, being a company in constant progression that transcends and generate solid value and results in an ethical and sustainable manner.