Corporative Culture

Our Corporate Culture

For us in Edaqua is very important to begin this journey by explicitly defining the core values ​​with which to develop their culture, brand and business strategies. These are our values​​:

1. Solidarity and Social Responsibility
We appeal to the social conscience, the intelligent use of our natural resources as they are a rare and privileged for few. This is why here at Edaqua we have designed one of the most sophisticated social programs.

2. Company
Where others understand a company as a set of numbers, we see beyond ...

3. Build a positive team and family spirit
We believe in the synergy between distributors of the company providing structures and programs that facilitate integration.

4. Transparency and communication
In Edaqua we establish a relationship of honesty and transparency with all the people who work or purchase products from the company.

5. Growth and learning process
We offer our distributors and training courses, compliance to promote their full professional potential.

6. Environment and Commitment
We provide information and practical advice for proper water management and smart consumption.