Why Edaqua?

There are several reasons that make Edaqua an excellent business opportunity and service.

1. Economy: In Edaqua we commercialize a quality mineral water from the comfort of your home and with fully competitive prices as what you can find in the supermarkets for other quality brands.

2. Quality: Edaqua is no purchasing only water, but most importantly, health. Edaqua Water is a very weak mineralized water with exquisite quality and a excellent analytical composition.

3. Comfortable and practical: Do you know any company that pays you to consume mineral water?

4. Profitable: We have incorporated a hybrid binary compensation plan with 14 payment methods. It is a payment plan with innovative, highly attractive for independent sales agents.

6. Solidarity: We encourage participation in charity campaigns and contribute to social improvement..

6. Solidarity: We encourage participation in charity campaigns and contribute to social improvement..

7. Training: Training is provided by industry leaders in both format personal and over the network, using innovative marketing techniques, with the aim of creating large direct sales professionals.

What Edaqua can offer you?

Edaqua offers a self business opportunity to those people who want more freedom for their own, greater economic independence and use the company's products to improve their health.

What are your goals? Your health, your time, your freedom and the opportunity to change your life, depends only on you! To mark some goals is essential in life. Edaqua offers the opportunity to achieve your goals and objectives. It is essential to understand that the choice to achieve these goals and objectives is clearly yours, we offer just a vehicle.

The aim of Edaqua is not only to offer this great economic opportunity, but to assist in the personal and professional growth of the distributors. We count among our executive team with highly trained and deeply knowledgeable people in the direct selling industry willing to make themselves available to its distributors and all the necessary means to fulfil their goals achieved through training courses, presentations, sales training, web content ...

Here at Edaqua we have the commitment and vision of creating a future opportunity that lasts over time, constant innovation and growth, to make distributors, staff, customers, etc.. feel comfortable and make their dreams come true.