CDU tincture GDot 15ml

18 jars of organic black garlic tincture with no preservatives and presented in a Counter Display Unit.

GDot It is a natural product, made fully from organically grown products and has not been subjected to any aggressive or invasive treatment. It is obtained from organic garlic farming and it is certified by maceration in natural glycerin, from vegetable source and without the addition of any preservatives or artificial colouring product. This GDot makes the perfect partner for our health.

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Tincture GDot 15ml

1 jar of organic black garlic tincture with no preservatives, farmed organically and presented in retail box.

€ 18.50

Product Details

Packaging: Box
Weight: 0.70 Kgs
Volume Points: 180.0 pv
Units per Pack: 18